Guatemalan Laurina (Rare)

Guatemalan Laurina (Rare)

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This Central American Specialty Guatemalan Pointu coffee, from the Huehuetenango region, is smooth with low acid. 

This extremely rare and lower caffeine coffee is a sub species mutation of the most popular coffee origin, Bourbon beans, which was originally discovered on Reunion Island near Madagascar.

Pointu or pointy beans have an elongated shape with a definitive point at the end, not un-similar to my favorite overall bean, the Liberica found in the Phillipines and of Liberian origin. This Laurina is grown in the lush mountainous forests of Guatemala.

This coffee is roasted to a darker medium.  

The super flavor is bright and the caffeine level is lower than average.

Due to it’s 1/3  to 1/2 less caffeine it is extremely smooth and non-bitter which increases the natural sweetness without the bitterness.

Bourbon Pointu is lusciously satisfying without bitterness and low caffeine allowing you to enjoy anytime and many cups, It is enthralling.

We much prefer non-bitter coffees and our fire roasting helps to produce less acidity formation during the roast so will enhance this great specialty coffee even more.   


Grind Levels

COARSE – Use with Cold Brew, Percolator, French Press

FINE – Ideal for Drip, Keurig, Pour Over, Mocha Pot

ESPRESSO – Super Fine Grind

TURKISH – Finest Grind