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100% Jamaican Blue Mountain

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Premium 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

This is the 2022 Cup of Excellence award winner of the finest 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee!!

The Arthur McGowan Estate is a prized hands on farmer tended small estate. This coffee is washed and smells heavenly as green beans.

Big Kick Coffee has chosen to roast this one a little bit darker than normal, as over half of our followers prefer darker coffee.

The results from this coffee give slight hints of nutmeg taste when brewed black and amazingly bitter free with cream and sugar. 

Truly an amazing cup of coffee!


Grind Levels

COARSE – Use with Cold Brew, Percolator, French Press

FINE – Ideal for Drip, Keurig, Pour Over, Mocha Pot

ESPRESSO – Super Fine Grind