CBD Coffee Face Scrub
CBD Coffee Face Scrub

CBD Coffee Face Scrub

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Big Kick Coffee has collaborated with Dogleg Farms, a local Hemp farm to create a unique product.

Using our best selling coffee, Honduran, and local CBD, we have come up with a great face scrub.

CBD (known as cannabidiol) is the non-intoxicating component in marijuana or hemp plants. CBD is extracted as a powder and combined with coconut oil which helps enhance application and effectiveness. Honduran coffee is added to create the 'scrub' along with Frankincense and Milk Thistle Seed Oil.

All ingredients are combined to create this CBD Coffee Scrub.  Coffee has shown to shrink tissue around the eyes and have properties to help stimulate blood flow. CBD oil has shown to help with acne and anti aging. 

Small amounts are recommended to use daily to brighten up your face.  Please note that we at Big Kick Coffee make no claims to the efficacy of this product, we are coffee roasters not skin care specialists. Its fun and different, give it a try! CBD Coffee Scrub container is approximately 1.5 oz. 

Please note any time we can fit items into a smaller package to mail and save you some money, We always return shipping costs back to you.