100% Hawaiian Peaberry

100% Hawaiian Peaberry

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100% Hawaiian Peaberry Waialua Coffee


This 100% Hawaiian Peaberry coffee is from the Waialua Estate on Oahu.

Peaberry beans are experienced in about 5% of all coffee bean harvests. This happens when only one coffee bean, as opposed to the typical two beans, is formed in the fruit or cherry of the coffee plant. Because of this, the beans are not flat on one side and tend to be more pea shaped.

This Hawaiian Peaberry coffee is extremely nutty, roasted lighter producing nice bright acidity, with flavors of Hazelnut and an incredible ground coffee smell.

This Hawaiian Peaberry would make an incredible cold brew.


Grind Levels

COARSE – Use with Cold Brew, Percolator, French Press

FINE – Ideal for Drip, Keurig, Pour Over, Mocha Pot

ESPRESSO – Super Fine Grind

TURKISH – Finest Grind