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Lavender and Sweet Orange Coffee Soap

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Big Kick Coffee and Mission Essentials have collaborated to create this AMAZING Coffee Soap.

Lavender and Sweet Orange Coffee Soap will have you falling in love with your daily routine. This coffee soap has the added bonus of Coffee Butter, which ups your caffeine content and makes the lather more silky and rich. The coffee soap is a work of art...It looks like you have just added cream to your morning cup of coffee and its making its way thru the deep rich coffee. OH my!!

The smell is incredibly aromatic, has great Silky Rich Lather, with the added bonus of Honduran Coffee Grinds, you will get a great exfoliation. 

Created with All Natural ingredients and our Best Selling Honduran Coffee. These soaps are also Paraben Free.

These are beautiful coffee soaps that you will fall in love with.

You will not be disappointed!!