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Our version of Italian Espresso....just like setting off a stick of dynamite in your mouth. This blend is luscious, rich, velvety, smooth and STRONG which is just joyous coffee flavor.

NOW in liquid form. Our Full Strength Mixer has hit the market!

Each bottle contains 16 - 1oz shots of Italian Espresso, with NO sugar.

Don't be fooled, this bottle is not meant to be drunk in one gulp..

Great for Espresso Martinis-Mix 2oz Chilled Italian Espresso with 2 oz Vodka, sweetener is optional.

Espresso Vodka Shots- 1oz Chilled Italian Espresso to 1oz Spirits

On the GO Morning Espresso-2oz Chilled Italian Espresso reheated by itself or with your favorite milk or creams.

Add to your powdered Recovery drinks after your workout or even your healthy morning smoothie!

Also Great on top of Ice Cream. 

There are no limits!