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100% KONA Estate Hawaiian Coffee

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Premium 100% KONA Estate Hawaiian Coffee


 This prized Kona Coffee comes from a farmer in the DOP (Designation of Production) of 800 farms in the narrow strip of the Kona Mountain range on the Big Island in Hawaii.

We sent our Head Roaster to Hawaii to find us some GOOD Kona Coffee and here you GO!

The size of this Kona coffee bean is HUGE.

Pure Medium Roast.

Great caramel tones, freshly roasted the flavor notes lean to earthy with a little spice note. We expect more cinnamon and deeper caramel notes to develop.

This Kona Coffee is delicious Black, but possibly better with a little cream and sugar!

.......Aah Hawaiian


Grind Levels

COARSE – Use with Cold Brew, Percolator, French Press

FINE – Ideal for Drip, Keurig, Pour Over, Mocha Pot

ESPRESSO – Super Fine Grind

TURKISH – Finest Grind