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Rwandan Peaberry

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2021 Coffee of The Year 

This African Rwandan Peaberry coffee, is from the same area surrounding lake Kivu, as Congo and Ugandan coffee we have had in the past. This area produces extra fine coffees.

Rwandan Peaberry produces a stronger fuller coffee flavor in the cup, it's amazingly smooth, yet strong. Roaster drinks with no cream or sugar.

This coffee is roasted to a darker medium city roast.

It’s been 4 years since we’ve had a Peaberry option.

Peaberries only occur in 5% of the cherry fruit where a single bean develops rather than two halves. The result of this is a more intense or concentrated flavor.

Rwandan is great as an Espresso and French Press.

Side note: Rwandan is the favorite coffee of three of our long term staff members!!

Grind Levels

COARSE – Use with Cold Brew, Percolator, French Press

FINE – Ideal for Drip, Keurig, Pour Over, Mocha Pot

ESPRESSO – Super Fine Grind