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The Penalty Kick

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Don't let the Goalie try and stop you from trying out The Penalty Kick Coffee Bundle. Its loaded with our favorite medium roast coffees.


The Penalty Kick Coffee Bundle includes One sampler and Six bags of coffee:

Medium Roast Sampler-An inclusive batch of our favorite Medium Roast Coffee. Guatemalan, Peruvian, Indian, Nicaraguan, Breakfast Blend and Brazilian are part of this Sampler Pack. Samples are approximately 1/4 lb each.

Breakfast Blend-What better way to spend your morning than with a blend of Caramel, Butter and Nut notes in your cup. 1 lb Bag.

Guatemalan-The natural Chocolate notes of this coffee shine. 1 lb Bag.

Peruvian-Rainforest Grown with natural Caramel notes. 1lb Bag.

Indian-Organic coffee with natural Peanut butter notes from roasting. 1 lb Bag.

Vanilla Hazelnut-Nutty flavor with a hint of Vanilla. 1 lb Bag.

Bourbon Pecan-Southern Perfection with subtle hints of Bourbon and nutty notes. 1 lb Bag.


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