Dark Coffees

Please enjoy our well rounded collective collection of all Dark Roast and Deep flavored Coffee available at Big Kick Coffee.

Developed over the past few years from a few hints and mistakes along the way, as well as some put to task efforts to produce a suitable Italian Style Espresso.

Below is a listing from strongest to mildest in darks and dark blends:

Ethiopian-Strongest coffee which suits those who favor Cuban, Puerto Rican and Kona Coffees

Italian Espresso Blend-Very powerful!

Honduran-Dark and Strong, no bitter or burnt notes, with great creaminess.This coffee is easily consumed black. Number 1 seller for 4 years now!!

100% Dark Hawaiian-Thick and rich.

Dark Morning aka Brilliant Blend-Lots of Ethiopian and a fine balancing act. ENJOY BLACK or as an Espresso.

Charleston Holy City Blend-Blend of the same Brazilian Coffee roasted two ways. Number 2 best seller!


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